Advanced Integrative Medicine building

We help our patients with an integrated approach to complementary and traditional medical care that builds on three key principles…

Patient Centered Medicine

We begin our work with all patients by listening to and understanding the patient. We want to understand your detailed history of problems and illnesses, as well as your goals and expectations for your health.

Depending on your particular situation, we may also conduct a complete physical exam. Such medical exams depend in part on age and medical history, but could typically include EKGs, ear exams, urinalysis and blood work, as well as further specific exams and tests (e.g., skin exams) depending on the person.

Through this process we can develop an assessment… our understanding of where you are and how we can best help you to realize your goals and expectations for your health. We can identify which specific practitioners you should see, and how to proceed, not only to address your current medical issue, but also how to work toward long term health.

This approach is not disease centered or practice centered. It is patient centered. It begins with you. We focus on you… on your immediate needs and long term goals. And we take the time you need.

The Practitioner Team

To support our Patient Centered concepts, we have developed a team approach to integrated medicine. Today, many patients experience medicine as fragmented health care. Each practitioner is isolated, and you get to tell your story many times. You wonder if everyone knows the whole story.

Our team approach allows us to integrate multiple practitioners so that you receive continuity of care no matter which practitioner you are seeing. And it allows us to integrate care across multiple disciplines, from both Western and Eastern medicines, allow you a breadth of coordinated choices rarely found in traditional practices.

We support this team approach through our state-of-the-art Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. This system allows all practitioners to see your full history.

For example, when you are referred to the new dietician or nutritionist not only will they get their own information to add to your history, they will see all the history from every other provider. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing to assist you with your health. Through our EHR, every practitioner knows the whole story… and you don’t have to keep telling that story over and over.

System Transparency

Many patients today, don’t really understand what is going on in their medical care. It can be complex, cumbersome and hard to understand. Our goal is to create a system that our patients can see and understand.

As we work with you to achieve your long term goals, we want you to fully understand where you are, what we are working to achieve and how, together with you, we are working on those goals.

These 3 Key Principles = Integrated Medicine

Through our focus on the three key principles of: Patient Centered Concept, the Practitioner Team and System Transparency, we build an approach of Integrated Medicine that allows you to create the healthy life you desire.